A photo from the TSR Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, showing a LED (Neon) TSR sign in their window at night.

The TSR / NuTSR Saga Index

In June 2021, as proof that we live in the worst timeline, I became aware that a new company had taken up the branding of the classic role-playing game company, the origin point for Dungeons & Dragons, TSR Inc. The company’s behaviour, which could be generously described as ridiculously unprofessional and widely offensive.

After a couple of false starts, I created a singular Twitter thread with the intention on documenting the fiasco that I assumed would burn out and fade away in a few months.

Over a year later, there was a lawsuit, a site dedicated to calling out the vile statements of a product creator and the history and identity of the owner of the group of companies itself being a baffling rabbit hole in itself.

Due to the massive scope and volume of this, it is spread across multiple posts that refer as much as possible to clear sources (in no small part due to my ongoing desire not to be sued for defamation). Many of these sources are no longer available so rely upon archives, screenshots, etc.

Dramatis Personae

Due to the nature of this fiasco, it has involved a lot of people – many of whom have complicated backgrounds. Inclusion on this list should not be taken as condemnation, many who entered did so either blinded by nostalgia, or through being outright deceived, and some even entered in direct opposition to the scheme.

Justin “York” William LaNasa | Stephen Erin Dinehart IV


  1. The TSR & Wonderfilled/GiantLands Saga – Introduction
  2. The NuTSR Group – The Beginning
  3. The New TSR (“NuTSR”) – Transphobia, Scandals and Reactionary politics
  4. NuTSR’s recruitment drive and the Fall of Michael
  5. TSR LLC vs Wizards of the Coast LLC – FIGHT!

Key Sources

For those who wish to take an unbiased, independent review – I have included links to the material when available below, and archives when it has been removed. It should be noted that the social media accounts in particular have been prone to mass deletions.

Web Sites

Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum (tsrmuseum.com) Web Site | TSR Hobbies (tsr-hobbies.com) Web Site | TSR Hobbies LinkedIn Page | No Hate In Gaming Website | TSR LLC v. Wizards of the Coast LLC Justia Docket Fillilngs (PACER Login required to access latest documents)

Finally The Fully & Glorious History of NuTSR on EN World

Social Media

Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum Facebook Page (Old URL no longer in service)| TSR Hobbies Facebook Page (Old URL no longer in service) | TSR Con Facebook Page (Old URL no longer in service) | OSR “PlayAsYouWish” Facebook Page | TSR Games (@tsr_games) Twitter (archived) | Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum (@HobbyMuseum) Twitter | TSR (@Tactical_SRules) Twitter | Dungeon Hobby Shop YouTube Channel | TSR Hobbies (Official) YouTube Channel | TSR Hobbies (@tsr_hobbies) Instagram