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So you want to license…

TL:DR Summary

As with all business deals, the most important things to consider are:

  1. What do you want out of it? and;
  2. What are you willing to give/compromise on to get what you want? and;
  3. What can/will you spend to ensure its enforced?

The world in general does not have consensus on the details of how intellectual property works, where the lines are and which rules you can definitely rely upon all the time. The world in general is also struggling with working out how to deal with digital media and global direct markets. If all that seems overwhelming to you, take comfort in knowing it’s also overwhelming to the top lawyers in the field too.

Whatever license option you choose, there will be some risk involved – so work out what matters to you, how much you want to risk and which you are willing to risk, and if you can help yourself by compartmentalizing things.

And when in doubt, weigh up the risks and consider getting your own lawyer rather than trusting one who works for a corporation that actively benefits from the appearance of generosity while maintaining or even expanding their market share.

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