A photo of me in a black turtleneck in a cafe.

About Kim

I am a cishet white man (he/him) who happens to be a former fraud investigator, current debt collector and lifelong general problem solver who is currently studying Law in New Zealand. I have life long interests in fantasy, roleplaying games, video games, art, storytelling, technology and a whole lot of other things. I also have the honour of being married to the most incredible and creative woman I’ve ever met.

I am a long term (since 2002) moderator of, and the current owner of HitmanForum, an admin of Bikini Armor Battle Damage (since May 2015) and am the creator of a substantial length Twitter thread on the TSR LLC / NuTSR / TSR3 / Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum / Justin LaNasa / vs Wizards of the Coast fiasco, which is currently being converted into WordPress content both for readability and because changes in management suggest Twitter is no longer going to be particularly viable as a long term repository.

I’m around the Internet on a bunch of places, to varying degrees of activity – responses to saying Hi are not guaranteed or implied.

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